Mar 25, 2007

First mountain bike ride of the year!

It was a warm 70 degrees, sunny and.... I am rusty. I was all over the trail, hitting every little rock and washing out in every turn. I haven't been on a trail since the broken leg and I've lost all ability to finesse the bike. We were riding Skyline, which I practically know by heart. I'd be cruising along, notice a rock, think to myself, "you should miss that rock" and then WHAM! I'd smack the rock with my rear wheel.

The funny thing was I was having a blast but (even once I started to get the hang on things) I didn't want to race. I'd get into race mode, hammering up a climb, but wasn't really thinking about Erik's Spring Cup or anything. I guess its good I'm laying off the MTB racing this year.

One other thing, this was the first ride with the Camelbak. I've been meaning to get one for years now and finally last fall I got around to it. I don't get it? What does a Camelbak do for you that a water bottle doesn't? As Phil was saying, maybe its about the longer rides. I guess I'll find out.