Feb 15, 2010

BIke Snob stepping up?

I got this in the mail the other day:

That's right, our very own BSNYC is hitting the big time. I think every cyclist has read the blog at one time or another. I know I still give it a look when I'm cynical mood.

I was surprised by the earnest (by his standards) tone of the first chapter. And its true, Snob has tempered some of his trademark venom throughout the book. He starts by writing a history of cycling in NYC, then goes on to talk about what cycling means to him and how you can make the most of cycling. But by the time he starts describing the different types of cyclists the jokes are coming pretty heavy and by the third chapter he's knee deep in snark. Most people are aware that Snob's a self proclaimed "curmudgeon" (read: constant long winded ranting) and his jokes and sarcasm pretty much the same here, so don't expect too much new.

The impressive part is the message: that we should do anything to people on bikes. I learned that lesson back when I was working for the Flanders brothers. Despite having a reputation for being the biggest euro-snobs in the Midwest, Scott and Jimmer's everyday life was pretty much about getting people, casual or serious, to ride their bikes (and sell a couple, since they ran a bike shop). Its a testament to the power of riding a bike that people so deeply invested in the insular culture of cycling are still so passionate about sharing it with others.

Anyway, its not a bad book and contains a message worth reading, but I'm not sure its going to advance the intellect of the average cyclist.