Sep 24, 2007

52 Weeks

A year ago today I was having surgery on my broken leg. They installed a nice little metal plate just above my ankle which is still around today. I spent that Monday not eating, going to the doctors office, being wheeled into surgery at 4:30 and waking up and enjoying the morphine they gave me. This Monday I think I'll go for a bike ride, run some errands, 'enjoy' my class at 5:20 and go to bed early. Which day do you think will be better?

All things said though, Dr. Duchane did a pretty good job. I had just about zero confidence in him at the time, but the leg isn't giving me to much trouble and any problems are really due to my half assed physical therapy and overaggressive race season.

Sep 15, 2007

So You Want to Run a Marathon Mr. Nelson?

I ran 14 miles today. Its pretty much on to run Philadelphia on the 18Th.
The legs haven't felt too bad during all this running. This last week
especially, I've really hit my stride. When I go for a run, the miles
just fly by. I'm shooting for a four hour time, but I'll be happy with
four and a half.

The really exciting this I've learned during
the last six weeks of training is that I my legs naturally don't go
anaerobic until I push the pace to somewhere around 7:30 miles. This
means that if I could get enough miles in and maintain that pace, I
could run a three and a half hour marathon. With enough speed training,
maybe I could run under three hours.

Of course, all of this is
hypothetical and for now I'm just trying to get my body to put up with
26.2 miles, but running it turning out to be a little bit of fun.

In other news, a 36x16 singlespeed won Chequamegon. Amazing.

Sep 10, 2007

Finished the 5-0? Want to feel pretty hardcore? Read race accounts here

Sep 5, 2007

Good Fall

Now, I have no idea who this guy is, but I love this series. Sorry random dude, but your fall just made my day.

Thanks to