Sep 18, 2008


Sep 12, 2008


Since bike races are pretty much over for the year, I've started running a bit again. No marathons this year, but maybe a 5k. Yesterday I did some track workouts for the first time since maybe 8th grade. And it hurt!

Have you ever looked at the times reported by the UPS guys? They work some crazy hours (and this is coming from a grad student!)

12 PM
7 PM
10 PM
1 AM
5 AM
11 AM

They have pretty much the whole day accounted for.

Sep 9, 2008


Maybe not?

Hopefully he'll still be entertaining.

Sep 2, 2008

5-0, less 30

Well, its been a week since I did the 5-0, so I figured I'd better publish this post.

I've done this race twice before and both times its kicked my ass. Baldy and I drove up to Spearfish at 7am. We didn't get a chance to warm up much, but its a long race so I wasn't too worried. During the four wheeler leadout, I surfed my way to the front and had a great spot going into the climb to Tinton trail. I lost a little bit on the climb, but that was fine. I just wanted a good spot going into the singletrack (its better to get passed than have to do the passing I say). I hit Tinton and starting railing the singletrack. Its a sweet trail and I was really enjoying myself, but my heart rate wouldn't come down (was it the lack of a warmup?). Half an hour into the race and I'm still wheezing for air, so I stopped and took a quick breather. Ten minutes later, I'm still not recovering and really starting to bobble the trail on my rental bike, so I walked a little bit and had a Gu and got passed by a dozen racers. After riding for another ten minutes I stopped and blew some green stuff out my nose (which did really help the breathing); something wasn't right. Another ten minutes and I stopped and checked my blood sugar. 53.

Hmmmm. That explains a little. I stopped and ate a little and drank about a quart of sports drink and sat down for a bit. Once I felt a bit more human I limped into aid station 1 and ate a little bit of everything they had. I waited around a little and started to feel better so when Baldwin rolled up, I decided to keep going with him.

At this point I was over a half hour off my goal time with a little under 40 miles to go, so I decided to take it easy and enjoy the rest of the ride. I started feeling better after the first aid station. A little before the second aid station, I started going fast. I wasn't pushing myself so much as I was really getting in a good groove on the trail.

After the second aid station, Baldy and I descended down into this creek valley with some real quick and twisty trails along the side of a hill. I was having a real blast, punching it up each short roller and flying down the back. I guess I was going a little too fast. Over the top of one hill, I bumped my front wheel and did a sort of nose wheelie down the hill. At the bottom I was going way to fast and ran into a fallen tree. When I picked myself up I found my front was too bent to roll through the front rim brake. I decided to throw in the towel. Maybe I could have fixed the wheel with a lot of trouble, but after all my bad luck I figured I'd had enough.

I walked 20 minutes down to Iron Creek Lake and begged a ride back into town. At least I got my t shirt.
Baldy finished in a little over six hours. He hadn't been riding much this year, so it was quite a suffer fest for him. The winner was a ringer from CO on the Trek factory team. He obliterated the course record by 20 minutes. Kerkove finished first in his age category with a crazy HR profile. I don't know how its possible to hold over 170 bpm for 4 hours.

So the score so far is Dakota 50: 3, Karl: 0.

I could use a million different excuses. I had a head cold going into the race. I was riding a rental bike. I didn't bolus right the morning of. My training didn't come together right in August. Whatever it is, I just never seem to have it on Labor day in Spearfish. Maybe sometime I'll get it right.