Feb 24, 2007

Whenever I ride with the wind, I think, 'Wow, I'm so strong. I can't wait to start racing, I'm gonna kick some ass!'

Whenever I ride into the wind, I think, 'Wow, I'm so unlucky. Why does the wind always work against me? I hate biking into the wind.'

Feb 18, 2007

Tour de Cal

Are you watching the Tour of California? Or should I say the "AmGen Tour of California"? What is AmGen? I can't tell. Their commercials are rather cryptic, something about biology and helping cancer patients, who knows.

I'm sorta torn on how to feel about the Tour of California. On the one hand, its a huge race with international competition in America, something we can't have enough of. On the other hand its in the middle of February, so none of the racers take it too seriously. No ones in decent form so it doesn't really make an American race important in terms of international competition.

Have you seen Discovery's team? Its stacked. I'm not a huge Disco fan or anything, but its impressive, they're taking the CSC approach apparently. Last year Hincapie(whom VS is having a lovefest with) and Popovych were considered contenders. Now this year they're back AND they've added Basso and Leipheimer, who each led their own teams last year. It will be interesting to see how this plays out...

The prologue TT looks painful. Its five minutes of all out effort and it ends in this huge hill. Basically its a balls to the wall and whoever pops last wins. Glad I'm not in this race.

The riding here has been great. I've had a 4 day weekend and each day has been great, with the first real riding of the year. I love my bicycle.

Feb 17, 2007

20 degrees..... 30 mph winds..... 'puke yolk' road.... i can't feel my toes.....

Its good to be biking again....

Feb 13, 2007

Sick: part 2

So I felt terrible, but I had a date with Phil and Dyan to lift, so I figured I should show up. Lifting felt great! My legs felt awesome, my head cleared up and I was beginning to think it really was some sort of allergic reaction. Then as soon as I sat down in my cold car, I started sneezing and my nose started running. Whats up with that?? I think this is the world telling me I should work out all day every day.

Sick at last!

I couldn't stop blowing my nose yesterday. I was hoping it was 'cuz I spent all day in the lab playing with Duratec(nasty stuff!) I didn't get to sleep enough and today I woke up with a plugged up nose and kept sneezing. Now I'm sick.

Some people like to take a million things and eat a super awesome diet to get over a cold. Ever hear of this Emergen-C? Some people even drink it during races! I'm not sure what I'd do with 1000mg of Vitamin C.

I'll just keep eating brownies and sleep a lot.

Feb 11, 2007

I wanna race!

All I can think about lately is racing. Any kind of bike racing; road racing, HPV racing, mountain bike racing, specific races like the Redwater Roubaix, Eriks Cup, the 5-0. I didn't get to ride all last fall and I think its starting to build up in me.

I've been training some. Mostly lifting and commuting, cuz its cold and snowy. Maybe its because I don't have the right bike or clothes, but riding is the cold isn't the same as riding when its warm. I'll stay inside until its above freezing.

I keep reading race blogs from last summer too. Maybe if I read enough stories about 70 degree weather and racing, it'll be sunny tomorrow. Weather.com sez no....

I've been meaning to put together a post on how I'm training, but I haven't yet.