Oct 19, 2009

Seasons over

Well, races are done for the year.

30 races

3 time trials
2 stage races
2 mountain bike races
4 track days

2 wins!
2 more helping Larry
3 more podiums

I probably went a little far with the number of races. I'd like to it be closer to 20, but track racing and stage racing kept things interesting.

My sprint was pretty good and I could put down power where I needed to. My TT definitely needs to improve, and entering more TTs would probably help. My climbing was just good enough that I wasn't in trouble, but that may change in cat 3 races.

The races that really stand out to me are Tour de Parc (duh), Giro di Jersey and Fitchburg (stage racing is fun), and Naugatuck (2 hours of criteriums, 120 miles total). I like the criteriums and I think I'd like to do more next year. Next year I want to use races for training more, too, specifically the 1/2/3 Prospect Park races and the weekday track races.

For now I've been doing a lot of running. 24 miles this week (which, for me, is a lot). More on that later.

OK I lied, there might be one more race this year: anyone interested?