Apr 20, 2009

Where was I?!??!

Apparently riding, not blogging.

Lets see, whats happened since I last left you? (And by you, I mean the 5 people who forgot to delete me from their RSS reader) Wrote 3 papers, took two finals, flights to Minneapolis and Los Angelos for Xmas and my own little spring break. Started my last semester of school EVER. Lifted a bunch of weights. Rode some in February and had second thoughts about this bicycle riding/racing thing. Rode a lot in March and decided biking is pretty awesome when it isn't 30 degrees out. Looked for jobs in the worst job market in 25 years (or so I'm told). Built up an ugly, ugly TT bike (which is still tons of fun to ride). Entered a few of races and didn't do to great in them, but had lots of fun and didn't do to bad either.

So in the spirit of the first post of the new year (albeit 5 months in) here's my big goal for 2009: Upgrade to a 3. Its sort of a funny goal, because it could eliminate me from participating in a few races. The real goal is go take part in harder, longer cat 3 (and 123) races and get in better shape. Anyway, in order to upgrade, I need to podium a few times. In order to podium, I need to do shorter, faster races that favor me, which means lots of Prospect Park races.