Jan 9, 2007

Selling Attitude!

I built a Surly Crosscheck today.
I've never been a big Surly fan; I've always believed in purpose built bikes. If you want to race, buy a race bike. If you want to commute, get a commuter. If you want a bike for fitness, training, relaxation, fun or whatever... well you know.

Also, it's always seemed to me that Surly gets by on style alone. There isn't anything really cool about their bikes, except that they're different, and that never got me. If you want a 'different' bike, there are plenty of them, but Surly's made by Quality Bikes, one of the biggest bike companies out there.

As I was building up this Crosscheck, I realized I really liked this bike. There was nothing I would change about it, except for maybe those crazy shifters. The frame was well made and every part was thoughtfully selected. A lot of time and care had been put into this bike, which was a pretty low end bike anyway. Maybe I should stop lusting after temperamental Bianchis and stick with something simple and well put together.

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