Feb 11, 2007

I wanna race!

All I can think about lately is racing. Any kind of bike racing; road racing, HPV racing, mountain bike racing, specific races like the Redwater Roubaix, Eriks Cup, the 5-0. I didn't get to ride all last fall and I think its starting to build up in me.

I've been training some. Mostly lifting and commuting, cuz its cold and snowy. Maybe its because I don't have the right bike or clothes, but riding is the cold isn't the same as riding when its warm. I'll stay inside until its above freezing.

I keep reading race blogs from last summer too. Maybe if I read enough stories about 70 degree weather and racing, it'll be sunny tomorrow. Weather.com sez no....

I've been meaning to put together a post on how I'm training, but I haven't yet.

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