Feb 18, 2007

Tour de Cal

Are you watching the Tour of California? Or should I say the "AmGen Tour of California"? What is AmGen? I can't tell. Their commercials are rather cryptic, something about biology and helping cancer patients, who knows.

I'm sorta torn on how to feel about the Tour of California. On the one hand, its a huge race with international competition in America, something we can't have enough of. On the other hand its in the middle of February, so none of the racers take it too seriously. No ones in decent form so it doesn't really make an American race important in terms of international competition.

Have you seen Discovery's team? Its stacked. I'm not a huge Disco fan or anything, but its impressive, they're taking the CSC approach apparently. Last year Hincapie(whom VS is having a lovefest with) and Popovych were considered contenders. Now this year they're back AND they've added Basso and Leipheimer, who each led their own teams last year. It will be interesting to see how this plays out...

The prologue TT looks painful. Its five minutes of all out effort and it ends in this huge hill. Basically its a balls to the wall and whoever pops last wins. Glad I'm not in this race.

The riding here has been great. I've had a 4 day weekend and each day has been great, with the first real riding of the year. I love my bicycle.

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