Apr 30, 2007

Did you hear about Basso? The sport of cycling is seriously messed up. I'm not declaring him guilty or innocent or anything, but none of this is good for the sport. Maybe its just a witch hunt. Maybe most of these guys are innocent. Then its just a search for dopers who don't exist thats tearing everything apart. More probably, a lot of people are guilty. Maybe Landis and Hamilton and Ullrich and Basso are all using something. That gets you thinking about the level of competition out there. If the top guys were doping, what is everyone else doing? Is everyone on something? Maybe doping doesn't actually help that much, can other guys compete on natural ability? Are the guys who have a really great year just having a really great year of doping? If cycling can't get cleaned up, it makes you concerned about the future of the sport.

I'm not above contemplating the use of an unfair advantage over another athelete. I can sympathize with the pressure pro's are under to perform. At some point though, can't you realize that even if you win, its not good for your sport and probably not good for you in the end.

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