Jun 26, 2007


Tonight went really well at Dakota Tech. I showed up on time, with little exposure to chemicals this week. It was hot and windy, but neither was bad enough to ruin the race. The 5's race started slow with nobody wanting to take any pulls. After a couple of laps I attacked, but it didn't stick and a couple other people attacked but were brought back almost immediately. No one wanted to work but everyone could pull back attacks, so I was content to sit in the field and let somebody else force the race. With 4 laps to go a break formed off the front and I bridged up. The other two guys looked strong and I was feeling good, so I figured we had a chance, but no luck as the field had a dozen GP riders in it and they pulled us back. So I decided to sit in the field and wait for the finish. At the start of the last lap I took a strong pull to try to string the field out and it worked. We were flying down the back straight into the final corners and I was feeling good. Coming out of the last corner, I was third wheel behind two GP guys. I was able to out sprint them both for the win. It felt really great to win, especially after how badly last week went.

The 3/4/5 race went well too. I was able to make the first big break in the field, but Woell went in a breakaway(his third week in a row!) and after he was gone I stopped working. In the end, the bonk crept up on me and it was all I could do just to finish with the field. Flanders won 5 of the 6 races today, myself, Scott, Sharla and Adam taking our respective races. If we could find a strong masters 3/4/5 racer, we would have taken the day (where are you Tom??).

Mr. Taylor came back into town today after his jaunt in Europe, so I think I can make the races in Peoria this weekend. I've requested an upgrade to cat 4, so I hope it goes through before Friday. If not, I can race with Anthony and Calvert and have some fun.

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