Aug 5, 2007

Racing's over

My seasons over. I was considering doing the Campus Crit, Birchwood RR, or the State Champs, but now it doesn't look like it. Its funny, the motivation to get on the bike and hammer just went, pfft!, like that. I haven't ridden really hard since the crash at Dakota Tech 12 days ago. The crash really wasn't the reason I ended the season, it was just a convient reason to. The same thing happened last year after I had a really bad race at Red Wing. Its been a good year getting to know road racing and I'm really looking forward to riding out east. Highlights include the two stage races (Peoria and St Cloud) and all the Summit Crits. I've really enjoyed racing with the club this year and now my only problem is finding a new team out east.

The last two weeks I've been doing a lot of sitting around. I woke up early these last two Sundays in an attempt to do something epic with the Brothers, but both times I found an excuse not to go and just fell back asleep. I've been running just enough so that I'm still on track to do the marathon, but that only means I've been running about two hours a week. Everyone needs a break now and again, so now is the time for me.

Last week I got a chance to go check out Stony Brook, which is where I'm going at the end of the month. I'd never been out there so this was just a chance to poke around and see what I'm getting into. It went really well, everyone was really nice and I can't wait to move (sorry Minnesota). My only concern? New Yorkers are LOUD. I'm not sure how badly I want to ride a century with a demographic that spends most of their time shouting, but I guess I'll learn to like it.

'Til next time.....

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