Nov 7, 2007

No posts lately

I haven't been updating much because, frankly, I don't have much to write about. Outside of commuting, my time on the bike has been next to nil. And marathon training is just about the most boring thing one can write about: "I ran 8 miles today. It was hard. I thought about stopping halfway through, but then I didn't." Don't get me wrong, I enjoy running, its just not enjoyable to hear about. Two things I have learned about running:

Running is HARD, and in a different way than biking. In a bike race, I can see an average HR of 175+. If don't think I could ever see a HR of 165 BPM while running. My legs would fall apart first. I suppose if you can hold that kind of heart rate, you'd be Paula Ratcliff.

I usually disdain lifting weights for endurance training, especially in season. Lifting isn't really analogous to endurance; if you can squat 500 pounds, you can't necessarily run more than a mile, or even win a sprint. Training is specific to a given activity. The only time I'll really lift is in the winter, when its too cold to do anything outside.
That said, I had a nagging injury in my hamstring and calf during September. I started lifting just an hour a week and its completely gone away. Maybe its only applicable to running, or my specific case, but maybe weight lifting year round is good injury prevention.

T-minus 11 days. says to expect sun and 50's, but who knows.

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