Jan 24, 2008


So I was getting ready to go for a ride this morning and I couldn't find my tights. It was just cold enough that I needed something covering my legs or else it would be a miserable ride. Well, after a decent amount of procrastinating and lollygagging and hoping the temperature would go up ten degrees in an hour (it didn't), I did what any other snobby, style concious, young cyclist would do......

..... I put an old pair of jeans over my chamois. Now, wearing jeans on a bike may be about as acceptable as wearing jeans while you ski, but it turns out that its pretty comfortable on a 30 mile ride. I stayed warm, didn't sweat to much and nothing rubbed or caught on anything. So if you're hard up for some leg wear on your bike this winter, put a rubber band around your cuff and have at it!

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