Feb 18, 2008


Every year, theres someone I'm competing against who sticks out in my mind. Three years ago, it was Some Guy on an old Schwinn Homegrown. He obviously couldn't ride single track well, but he would pull away from me on every climb and, because of it, Guy beat me every time we raced together.

Two year ago, it was Eppen, putting it in a higher gear and motoring past everyone in the race like it was no big deal. To a lesser extent it was ED who would, at the drop of a hat, gap us all on any training ride.

Last year it was Woell, who pulled away from the peleton with ease in just about any race. Every time he would go, it would be all I could do just to hang onto a wheel in the chase group and I was just amazed by his speed.

I wonder who it will be this year?

In other news, I don't get VS from my cable provider, so I won't be watching any of the Tour of California. Are you?

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