Mar 4, 2008

Best. Week. Ever.


Monday- Recovery Ride
Tuesday- 2 Hrs, 35 Miles, 50 minutes Tempo (tempo is riding a continuous pace slightly below your anaerobic threshold)
Wednesday- 3+ Hrs, 55 Miles, 60 minutes Tempo
Thursday- More Recovery Riding
Friday- 1.5 Hrs, 35 Miles, 70 minutes Tempo
Saturday- 4+ Hrs, 70 Miles with Tboughts
Sunday- 6 Hrs, 100 Miles, 60 of them being crushed on the Early Bird ride.

So thats a total of almost 300 miles and over 18 hours on the bike in whats probably the most biking I've done in one week. It was a perfect storm of circumstances that allowed it and I probably won't spend this much time biking again this year. I got lucky this year and for the first time ever classes, weather and everything cooperated so that I was able to get in a full period of base training. I rode over 1000 miles before February was over. I hope it helps in June.

This week is a recovery week, then next week I start MSP intervals. Mmmmmm... intervals.

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