Mar 10, 2008

My favorite holiday

Christmas? no. Easter? no. Thanksgiving? close, but no. My favorite holiday every year is the first day of Daylights Savings Time (OK maybe its not a real holiday, but I celebrate it anyway). I love when its light out past dinner time, it feels like spring is already here. Two years ago, congress was nice enough to move my favorite holiday almost a month forward, so now I get even more sun. You see, I'm not really a morning person, so whether or not there is sunlight before 7 am is of little consequence to me (unless there is the promise of some really awesome biking, then maybe I'll be awake).

Everyone around here has already started racing and I'm wondering why. First of all, its just too early. I've been training for less than two months this year and unless you started putting in base miles back in September, there no way you're in peak form yet. Also, early races like this inevitably mean you're up before daylight (see paragraph 1) and racing when temps are in the 30's, and there's something unappealing about racing in tights and a windbreaker. My second question is about the races themselves. Everyone who does these Central Park races in March tells stories of shoving, rubbing and crashing. Now, maybe these gladiators of the tarmac are just trying to sound rugged, but crashing isn't appealing to me at all. I'll save myself for races where I'm likely to stay upright, thanks.

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