Apr 14, 2008

More Intervals.

This month is SMSP intervals. Short and hard. They're set up in blocks to really wear you down, so by the last interval on the last day it feels like you'll never move your legs again.

I always like SMSP's because the volume is way low. They're super easy to fit into my schedule and since most of them are on the trainer, I don't waste time finding a good road to ride on.

Lately I've been sleeping a lot. It seems like 8-9 hours a night and I'm still tired. I know its just cuz I'm working hard in the hectic grad student life, but a little bit of me is always worried that I've got some strange disease that goes undiagnosed like Tristan Schouten, Jason McCartney or Gunn Rita Dahle. In the end I know I'm fine, though, since I probably worry more about my health than anyone my age (Tboughts sez I'm a hypochondriac).

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