May 28, 2008

Computer's on the fritz

I tried installing Vista and it made a huge mess. Not that I think Vista did me in, moreso the old pile of junk was in such a brittle state that something as simple as switching hard drives and operating systems sent the whole thing swirling down the drain. Hopefully I'll get it up and running soon.

My cycling has been in a similar state. Since finals week I've been having trouble putting it on high. I can putz around just fine, but when I try to put in a hard, anaerobic effort, nothing comes out. If it doesn't change soon, I'll have to change the name of this blog to 'the little ring' or 'a 42 tooth chainring is big enough for me, thanks'. In the mean time, I'll just rest and eat.

Ma and Pa came out to visit last weekend. They wore me out running around LI and Manhatten, but we all had a good time.

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