Jun 4, 2008

quick thoughts

SDSMT got 4th and 6th in Baja SAE this year. Stony Brook got 8th. There were 116 other teams that entered.

I got a haircut at one of those old school barbershops yesterday. It was filled with crusty guys 2 or 3 times my age who talked about horse racing and how things used to be better half a century ago. Actually, most of the things they said would be inappropriate to write about. I love that places like that still exist.

There aren't any American sprinters. The only one in Europe I can think of is Fred Rodrigez. I think we need a cultural shift to encourage more cyclists to specialize in sprinting; schools should try to mimic the Italians and focus on fashion, soccer and a general lack of work ethic.

The sidewalk outside my apartment is being redone. It wasn't in bad shape, but I'm always happy when people don't let the area I live in get run down. What I don't like is when they work. The last two days they've shown up at 6:30 and worked until 10. What they do the rest of the day? I don't know. Why don't construction workers operate on a normal schedule?

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