Aug 28, 2008

Dakota 5 0

Its on!

I'm hanging out in the Black Hills, fully prepped. Got a bike, sent in my registration, camelbak's waiting patiently... I can't wait.

Who's gonna take it this year? Jeff Kerkove is in town and he wants it. I think it will be the first time a national guy in his prime has lined up, so he's gotta be the favorite. Otherwise, I think a local has to be the underdog. I'm picking old man Jon Nelson, since he's been so close so many times and he has such a badass last name.

As for me? I'm just trying to finish in one piece. Training has fallen apart with the last month of visitors, deadlines, moving and now vacations. Earlier in the summer I was in great shape so I'm just hoping some of that finds its way into my legs for sunday. For now I'm not relaxing at grandmas and enjoying the time off. Chris pushed me into the creek last night, so don't go thinking my life is too great just yet.

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