Aug 16, 2008

singletrack discovered

I did some mtbing today. I went to these trails right out my back door. I'd ridden there before, but just recently C.L.I.M.B. mapped out the trail and I realized I'd missed a huge section. Turned out it took me three hours of riding to do one lap. Epic! Of course, I'm moving in a week, but not to far away so I'll definitely ride them again.

I really like my mountain bike when I'm just riding. Its comfortable and unflappable. In the two races I've done this year, unfortunately, its felt soft and slow. I'd really like to avoid getting a new race bike in the future, so I hope some faster tires might help.


Anonymous said...

Adventure but usually end in dehydration and the bonk.


Calvert said...

Get a mountain bike that is more like a road bike:

Small knobs w/ some pressure.