Nov 2, 2008

Kinda sorta blog hiatus

In case you haven't noticed, its the off season and I don't have much to write about. I was running for a while, but my ankle started acting up. I've been seeing a physical therapist the last couple weeks and he's giving me some good stuff to loosen it up. Hopefully next time I try out running, I'll have a little less pain to deal with.

This week I went on the first Trevor ride. I haven't been in my best shape lately, so I started 15 minutes early with the B group. A couple of bad luck flats later and we were caught by the A group fairly early in the route. I latched on as best I could, but I definitely didn't have the legs to mix it up with them. We turned southeast South River Road and Jeff and Dennis amped it up to a ridiculous pace. That combined with a slight tailwind was enough for me and I was ejected out the back. Percy was kind enough to drag my sorry ass home, otherwise I may still be out in Manorville. Tboughts had some wicked awesome french toast waiting for me when I got back.

It looks like the blog won't see many updates for the next couple months. I promise I'll start updating more in 2009 when another season of races come around.

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