Jun 15, 2009

Another weekend of racing

Two more races last weekend, but not without some bad luck.  

Saturday morning, bright and early, was the Tour of New York, aka nine laps around Prospect Park.  A big field showed up with lots of tough guys.  Larry, Rob and I represented East End.  Pretty standard stuff for most of the race, a few guys would get a gap and the team without a presence would chase chase chase.  I led Rob out for the prime halfway through and he took it pretty easily.  In the end, Larry tried to set me up for the sprint, but I forgot where I was and went to early.  When I eased up to look for a wheel, the Kissena train simultaneously ran out of gas and I found myself with nowhere to go, so I sat up and let the second surge go by.  

Next morning was AVD's nutty floyd crit.  I was the only Kreb guy, but the field was quite a bit smaller.  I felt pretty good and I think I was reading the race pretty well, but halfway through my tire went nice and flat.  I had good legs for both races, but it didn't work out the way I wanted.  Next week I'm going to do the Giro di Jersey, which was my favorite race this year.  A little rain is in the forecast, but I'm still excited.  

Sunday night I went to see The Hangover.  Its hilarious, just about 90 straight minutes of laughing, Animal House style.  

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