Jun 2, 2009

schmalz When you're in the pack, and it's a slow day and the break's away, who do you usually chat up? Is it just your teammates, or is it someone you never think to talk to, but there he is and I might as well see if we can have a conversation?

VDV A lot of times it's teammates, actually, which is kinda weird 'cause you think you wouldn't want to talk to your teammates after you've spent every waking moment with them. A lot of times you do end up speaking with your teammates a lot. I speak with Dave Millar quite often, last year I spoke with Levi quite a bit, Bradley Wiggins, Jens Voigt I had a long conversation with. He's the social butterfly. He wins the prize.

schmalz He chats with everybody, huh?

VDV Everybody, in every language. He's the most nervous, too, so he'd be in mid sentence and all of a sudden he'd just jump away and back into a breakaway or something. "I have to go! Have to make money!"


Everybody's favorite racer is Jens Voigt. The more about him I learn the more I like him.

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