Jul 3, 2009

Fitchburg Circuit Race, just like Prospect

Larry gave me the chance to come up to race the Fitchburg LongsJo Classic at the last minute. So here we are. The TT was yesterday. We both did surprising badly in a cat 4 only field, 44th and 50th, over two minutes down, so all GC hopes were ruined.

Today was the circuit race. The course is sort of like Prospect Park, except the hill is a little shorter and a little steeper and the finish is a the top. Competitions were run for the stage race, the GC and a points competition, so plenty of action was going on. After a couple of points primes, I could tell I wasn't going to do well in the finishing sprint up the hill. I tried rolling off the front halfway through the race, but no one wanted to join me so I was quickly back in the group.

With two laps to go, I got my butt up to the front of the race. On the last lap, Larry found my wheel and followed me down the hill. I gunned it down the back straight and went as hard as I could up to the final corner. When I peeled off, Larry was in the top five. He kicked it up the hill for the win!

Tomorrows the road race with another uphill finish, so we'll see if we can do the same thing.

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