Aug 13, 2009

First Try at Track Racing

Yesterday I picked up Mark and headed down to the Kissena velodrome to give track racing a try. I borrowed a bike (a Gitane!) and entered the cat 5 race. Mark was nice enough to give me a few tips as we warmed up. Apparently it worked, cuz I won the three races I entered, the Win and Out, Points and Scratch races. Hopefully I can make it back next week to race on the track some more.

During the racing I got to meet no one line and some other cool trackies. I like small events, people are a little more friendly when there aren't 150 people in a race. Kind of reminded me of ski jumping.

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Isaiah said...

Hey Karl, This is Isaiah from the Track. Nice racing with you these last two weeks. I don't think I will be out this week and I had a question about last weeks race, so shoot me an email: