Apr 19, 2007

More HPV

Final results:

4th overall

1st Design

10th Sprint-> 8th Male, 10th Female

5th Endurance

I think we actually got 9th in sprint, though it doesn't change anything in the big picture. Overall results can be found here.

Impact testing: So scientific!!

NASA's 80x120 ft wind tunnel. This is the diffuser where air is drawn in, I guess. I'm one of the little blue guys in the lower left.

Phil bustin' a move with one of the San Francisco street performers.

Dyan (in the background) passing Portland State at the end of the front straight. Go Dyan!

Oregon State's upright vehicle...... they finished 20th in design and 2nd in endurance.

Colorado State's lean-steer vehicle.

I'm riding Mucker. Alex said I had a scowl on my face the entire time I was riding. It was probably because I was too big and couldn't move my head at all!

Nevada Reno, another tadpole trike.

UMR (the winning team) in the endurance event.

HPV is pretty much over, so i have frighteningly little to occupy my time. I've been catching up on old work. On the bike I just started doing some aerobic intervals and they feel great. Its nice to be able to devote time to training again.

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