Apr 20, 2007

More pictures!

Team Picture

Mucker sans fairing

Mucker tearin up (or not so much) the sprint course.

Chico's 'Al or Nothin', which had an aluminum frame (engineers are such dorks). Unfortunately they broke an axle 15 laps into the endurance event.

Portland's 'Vike Trike II'

Rolla's 'Fly By' on display on Friday.

Inside Rolla's vehicle, notice how simple and elegant it is.

Western Washington's Valkyrie, which looked really cool, like the real deal, but had some controlability issues when fully faired.

My favorite, Cal Poly. It just looks fast.

They used carbon for almost everything. I don't know if you can tell, but the carbon subframe supports the pedals, handlebar and front fork.
One of the really cool things about HPV competition is how friendly everyone is. Of course, everyone really wants to win and is proud of their own vehicle, but nobody takes it out on anybody else. People are willing to talk, share strategy and design ideas and just bullshit about anything cycling or recumbent related.

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