Apr 8, 2007

On the way to California

West Coast HPV Preview

The big schools that come out for HPV are Chico State, Cal Poly and UMR.

Cal State Chico: They've been refining their tadpole for a few years now. Last year it was good enough to win overall with #1's in both sprint and endurance. The drivetrain is exceptionally smooth and the steering seemed to be well put together. Also, they seem to have some of the best riders at West Coast competition.

Cal Poly SLO: Winners in 2004 and 2005. They've got a FWD two wheel bike that seems really well designed. For whatever reason last year, they had some issues that hurt their reliability, so despite winning design they didn't do so well. I have a feeling they'll be extra motivated this year. I read that a couple of the team members even went to Battle Mtn this year.

Missouri Rolla: Winners of just about every East Coast HPVC, they keep coming up just short at West Coast. Their two wheeler is a really simple, straightforward recumbent. They seem to do really well in design and testing.

Oregon State posted something on their website about a "traditional upright bike" that takes advantage of aerodynamic aspects usually restricted by the UCI. Portland and Montana State showed potential in their first years last year and should be exciting this year (Dr. Jenkins even mentioned titanium!). Many other teams are capable of a good showing, so Friday should be interesing. Hopefully I'll post back with updates and pictures!

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