May 22, 2007

Road racing is easy...

...But winning is hard.

Opus went well today. I think I'm in pretty good shape, which is good, but I definitly don't have this racing thing down. This was my second USCF race, though I've done some other road races out in the Black Hills. I was surprised by how slow it was, actually. I think we averaged under 20 mph, which seems rediculous. Brendon Moore averaged 19 at Erik's Cup on MTB's last weekend. The thing was, I was all over the place. I'd get frustrated with the slow pace and the skiddish riders and I'd ride off the front for a while. Then I'd hit the hill or a headwind and sit up and the group would catch me as we approached the finish. It requires a certain 'finesse' that I don't have yet. Mark and David were able to pull a nifty little move in the third sprint and David won it, so there were a few points for Flanders. Guess I'll spend the next couple days mentally training for Duluth (if Jebus ever picks up the phone!!!).

In not so good news, I was accelerating away from a stoplight on the way to the race and something caused a very sharp pain in my right knee. Its not swollen and I can walk and race (obviously) without any trouble, so I'm not too worried, but knee problems I do not need.

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