May 25, 2007

No racing

I'm not racing this weekend. I tried to talk myself into Duluth or even Iowa, but I couldn't afford either and it'd be a waste of a weekend off either way. It's too bad, because I'm feeling really good, outside of lingering things with my ankle and knee. I'll take the time to do some good intervals and go on a group ride or two. I'm gonna be ready for next Sunday at the Capitol.

In the meantime, we've been catching up at work. Phil came in and did tons of repairs today, Tboughts gave a long overdue organizing to the inventory area and I was able to sort out about 3 months worth of reciepts and repair tickets. I even got to see the new Pirates tonight. It was good an all, but does it seem like all new movies are louder than the used to be? I read that last sentance and feel about 50 years old, but I think its true, these new stadium theaters are noisier than the old kind.

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