Aug 31, 2007


I'm really missing labor day weekend in Spearfish this year. Everyone I know is getting psyched up for the Dakota 5-0. Eppen, Baldy and maybe even Miller are gonna get down. Calvert, Nick and I are going to miss out due to our geographic disabilities. Its a great race through the black hills, lollipop style. You start out of Spearfish canyon, climb climb climb your way up the Tinton and then go up and down through the hills until you come back to the Tinton.

Its a helluva race and considering the course record comes in at just over 11 mph and just about everyone walks a little on their way out of Seamore Gulch, its not your usual marathon style race. If you can make it home without cramping, bonking or throwing up you're doing well. Two years ago I wasn't in good enough shape for the race and last year I came in gunning for a sub 5 hr time, but instead bonked on the big climb out of the final aid station and got lost, taking a 20 minute detour (I know, excuses, excuses). If they'll have me, I think I'm make it a point to go to the 2008 edition.

As for 2007 winners? I dunno. The locals are always strong. John Rehorst is really strong and Jon Nelson is doing well this year. Phil Busching or Tim Lucking could win if they make the trip back to the state. H-wood always brings a strong group of racers with him from the twin cities and he himself could throw a winning time out there. Eppen will be top ten and could win, if he really is keeping pace with his bro, like at the Camden Classic, but he says he's bringing another Iowaian whos even stronger than he. All I know is I'm jealous of everyone who will be there.

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