Aug 29, 2007

As I was packing up to move to NY, I stumbled upon some old Mountain Bike magazines. I read the magazines religiously back when I was sixteen. It was a time when I was new to the sport, but craving any and all information I could get. I would pour over each new issue I got, memorizing articles I found interesting, while studiously reading even the most boring articles. Although my biking consisted of riding to the park and occasionally making it down the Minnesota river to do 45 minute of 'mountain' biking in basketball shorts, these magazines opened up a magical world to me where singletrack was heaven, everyone wore spandex and counting grams is was nearly as important as time on the bike.

The thing is, eight years later, despite that I rarely read cycling media anymore, these magazines are just as interesting as before. Maybe I'm overwhelmed by nostalgia or maybe its more a sign of the sport, but no one makes an interesting mountain biking periodical like there used to be. Certainly, a lot of it has to do the proliferation of the internet, where every magazine has their story beat by weeks, if not months. It also has to do with the shift from a sport focused on racing to one focused on freeriding, where emotions and pictures are more important than finishing times and bike specs. But part of me thinks that no one gets it like those guys used to.

In other news, how about that new SID??

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