Aug 24, 2007

Mountain Biking Forever

This week I took a couple days to drive out to R.C. one last time this year. It was a blast to be there for all of 24 hours. Grandma put me up for the night and I got to do some mountain biking the next day. It rained during the night, but C-Mill and I hit up Storm Mountain the next day. It was pretty awesome riding except down in Coon Hollow which was thoroughly soaked. After Chris had his fill of riding, I road up the Wood Porch Rd to see if I could find South of Heaven. Found the Bone Collector, check, Rim Rock trails, check, but no South of Heaven. The logging in that area has made navigating through the forest impossible, so I didn't feel to inept. All in all, it felt great to get back out in the woods. If I lived someplace like that year round, I'm pretty sure I'd have no use for a road bike.

One thing I could do without is the 8 hr drive across I90. I was able to get amazing gas mileage though. 35 mpg at 80mph is pretty exciting stuff! It takes the sting out of $3/gallon gas. I can't imagine why people drive SUV's and pickups across the country, it seems like flying would be cheaper.

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