Nov 26, 2007

The Super Computer Sale used to come by Minneapolis twice a year. I've built two computers, purchased a monitor and many other small parts at the shows. Now it is no more. Their website has the show scheduled as 'coming soon' for the last 5 months. Its probably for the best. I should probably start buying my computer components at legitimate prices from legitimate retailers, not someone who sleeps in a motel and drives to a different city each week. I will miss it though.

Rest in peace shelves filled with used monitors, boxes full of old mice, hard drives for 70% off. RIP Bloomington Indiana (or was that Illinois) salesman whose memory would lock up, angry Asian fellow who yelled as he took my cash, and slimy salesman who sold Joe not one but two video cards that didn't work. RIP boxes marked "Adults Only", special corner section for semi legitimate car audio parts, five year old Palm Pilots for sale and negotiating five dollars off a CD burner. I will miss you all.

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