Dec 2, 2007

2007 in Review

23 Races
3 Wins
7 Top 5's

One of my big goals was to win a race, which I did first at the informal hill climb and then a few more times over the summer.

May 9th M-Hill hill climb 1st Cyclist
June 26th Summit Crit 5- 1st
Proctor Cycling Classic RR 5b- 1st
Tour or Granite County Omnium- 1st

I did 23 total races, which is a bit more than I'd like to do. Its hard to focus and take each race seriously when you're doing them one after the other after the other. I was able to upgrade to a 4 and was nearly able to become a cat 3, which will happen with one more first or a second place and any other top 6 finish.

Other races include:
Redwater Roubaix
May 22nd OPUS Crit
Minnesota State Crit 4/5- 9th
Afton Avalanche MTB Sport- 7th
June 12th Summit Crit 3/4/5- 7th
June 19th Summit Crit 5 and 3/4/5
June 26th Summit Crit 3/4/5
Mankato NVGP Amatuer Crit 4/5- 2nd
Proctor Cycling Classic Crit 5- 3rd
Northfield Crit- 4/5, 3/4
Hopkins Crit- 4/5, 3/4
July 17th Hollywood CRS- 4/5 and 3/4/5
July 24th Hollywood CRS- 4/5
Tour of Granite County RR 4-3rd
Tour of Granite County TT 4- 14th
Tour of Granite County Crit 4- 2nd

I beat John, though it was mostly by following his every move and waiting til he was burnt out. He's a great racer and I hope I have the chance to race him again.

And finally, I finished a sub four hour marathon.

So, 4/4 as far as this year is concerned.

The real triumph isn't that I finished the marathon or that I won a few races. Its that I was able to do both in the same season and that I was on crutches for 10 weeks in the fall of '06. Next year I'll sight my sights a bit higher and see if I can continue the success. I should be out on Long Island all summer (though not for sure yet) and I'm trying to find a team to race with. I've talked with the guys down at Carl Hart; I'll miss wearing Flanders red and white, but the CBSC guys seem pretty cool and they're right out my back door. Training starts in 4 weeks!

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