Dec 28, 2007

Merry Christmas to me

I got one of these recently. Sort of a Christmas present/get-healthy-you-lazy slob.

I was really apprehensive about going on the pump at first, for three reasons: 1)I didn't want to feel like the Bionic Man, hooked up to all kinds of machines (still true) 2)I thought it would be a hassle to drag around with me (somewhat true, but not as bad as I thought, so hopefully it'll last a little longer than my cell phones) 3)I didn't think it would change anything in my therapy.

I was totally wrong about (3). Its not that the pump does anything radical, its the level of refinement it has. Doses are much more accurate and immediate, adjustment to basal rate is easy and immediate, it has a log of activity, poignant reminders, analysis of activity and its just convenient to have everything always at my hip. From the perspective of a diabetic trying to lead an active life, the level of transparency it offers is invaluable.

The reason I finally decided to go on the pump was the continuous glucose monitoring feature. Turns out its a little cherry on top. Using this CGMS, I've got continuous feedback as to whats going on and I don't need to be quite as concerned with upsetting my nicely balanced blood sugar.

My only hope now is that it continues to work as well as it has this first month.

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