Dec 19, 2007

Dr. Prudhomme or: How I learned to stop worrying and use simple logic to win the Tour de France

So in racing, if you beat someone in a race (or place ahead of them), you can usually say you're a better racer or at least at the same level. If you've never had the chance to race someone, but you know you can beat someone who beat them, you usually assume theres a good chance you might win in a race. You know, if a>b and b>c then a>c.

Well, I've applied this to a grander scale.

In the 2007 Tour de Romandie, Chris Horner came in second and beat (among others) Andy Schleck, Dave Zabriske, Michael Rodgers (who all beat Lance Armstrong on various occasions) and Oscar Pereiro.

In 2006's Jingle Cross Rock, Doug Swanson beat Chris Horner.

In 2007's Chequamegon Fat Tire race, Sam Oftedahl finished ahead of Doug Swanson.

In 2007's Minnesota State Championship Cross race, John Eppen beat Sam Oftedahl.

In a few races, I have finished ahead of John Eppen. Therefore, I win the Tour de France.

I think the real measure here is the degrees of separation. It took me 5 connections and it took John, Sam, Doug and Chris quite a bit less than that.

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