Dec 16, 2007

Winter Wonderland?

Tboughts and I have spent the last week making fun of the weather out
here. Apparently everyone here mistakes sleet for "snow". On Thursday
we got 2 inches of 'snow'. Unfortunately, it was actually a day full of
rain and sleet which froze immediately upon hitting the ground, meaning
we had 2 inches of crunchy ice. No one seemed overly surprised or
concerned and everything proceeded as normal, except for the maniac
drivers who manage to be both overly cautious and out of control. I'm
glad I don't drive a car.

In the recent cold snap, I've had a chance to try out my snazzy new gloves.
I'm not impressed. First of all, they're too small. I have larger than
average hands, sure, but they're not an ogre's hands andLG's largest
size (XL) is much too small. The other problem is that these aren't
winter gloves. They look like winter gloves, fit like winter gloves and
have the terrible dexterity of winter gloves, but they aren't warm. There's almost zero insulation and the shell isn't completely windproof. So if you're looking for a nice, warm, comfortable pair of gloves this year, don't get them here.

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