Mar 13, 2008

MSP phase

So in the interest of being more transparent with my training, I thought I'd post this months training. So like I've said before, I follow a modified Morris schedule. I didn't do weights and did a base period instead. Now I'm switching the MSP and sprint phases, since I like sprinting better.

The schedule looks a little confusing, but I've set it up mostly to fit my schedule. I find I follow a plan a lot better if I'm realistic about what I can do on each day, not the exact order a book sez I should be using (even then, I'm lucky if I do 75% of what I plan). Some people don't like planning every day, they feel like it becomes work, but I find it gives me a sense of control and reduces my anxiety about training. Even so, I've already missed my thursday workout and hoping I can squeeze it in friday.

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