Mar 15, 2008

A good day

Friday was one of those days in which I thought I'd feel lucky to make it out alive. Turns out it went really well.

It started at 7, after working 'til 1 the night before. First thing in the morning, I had a presentation to give my research group. It ended up going pretty well. I had a few holes I need to fix, but thats the point of the small group presentations, to find out what you're doing right and wrong.

Next up, first Tribology midterm of the semester. I was pretty convinced I wasn't prepared, since I spent too much time preparing for the presentation. Well, turns out I got lucky. Just about everything I studied ended up on the test and nothing I hadn't studied. I flew through it and ended up with an extra half hour at the end. I walked outside and the sun was out and the weather had warmed up. Perfect weather for some biking.

3x 15 min MSP. Basically doing three 5 mile TTs back to back to back. On the first one I went out to fast and overcooked it. On the second too slow, but the third went off perfect. I was breathing hard, but never needed to slow and was able to hold 22 pretty easily through the rolling hills of Old Field. A quick cool down by the beach and I was done.

As a bonus, Tboughts and I got some SalsaSalsa and saw Before the Devil Knows You're Dead which was really good, much better than I expected.

Alright, melodramatic post over. Thanks for reading.

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