Mar 25, 2008

Spring break is over. I didn't do much exciting, just basic stuff. Bought a Costco membership, built a wheel, repaired a bed, cleaned my apartment, did some homework, road my bike with Tboughts, etc. Today I had a really good set of intervals. 4x10min and my HR was pegged in the 180s the whole time. I do workouts day after day and usually I'm just getting through them, but days like today something clicks and I'm able to kick it up a notch (Scottie would say 'take it to the next level'). I wish I could figure out how to get to this level all the time or at least more often.

In other news, I'm nearly finished figuring out Sapim's web of distribution. You would think that if you wanted a product, you'd call of the American division of said company and have them ship the product to your shop. Not so with Sapim, they have no American division. Instead, they distribute through the 'agents' Cane Creek and KHS bicycle parts. Since Cane Creek is getting out of the wheel business, that leaves most of the onus on KHS (not to be confused with KHS Bicycles who, as far as I know, are in no way affiliated with KHS bicycle products). KHS is a Scandinavian (my best guess is Norwegien) company which acts as a middle man between smaller Euro suppliers and the North American market. Now, say you want Sapim spokes, but don't want to deal with your local bike shop. Easy as finding the spokes on a huge online retailer Performance or Nashbar, right? Wrong. Most online retailers are actually small bike shops who don't have a large stock, except for Thor USA. Thor USA happens to carry the same brands as KHS bicycle products and list the same mailing address and if you call you will speak with the exact same Scandinavian-accented operators. Not that there is any affiliation listed by either company.

Confused? So am I... But at least I now know a dozen different ways to get some sweet spokes.

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