Apr 5, 2008

mountain biking

Today, Tboughts and I checked out a trail just down the road from school. It was good to go mountain biking again, just the second time this season for me. It was a fun, twisty trail tucked away in a really busy part of town, so we both thought it was a good find. I was in the mood to take it mellow, but Tboughts was feeling feisty so I put my nose to my handlebar and tried to keep up with her. A couple hours later we were home and its time to watch the Final Four. Sorry I couldn't get a better pic, but the trail kept turning back and forth and Tboughts refused to stop, so this was the best I could do.

Tomorrow is the first race of the year for me. Its a 7am (!) race, so I have to get up at 4(!!!) to get to Brooklyn on time. On the bright side I won't waste any of the day, since I'd normally sleep in til 9. The main goals of the race are to stay upright and spend a little time at or off the front testing out my legs.

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