Apr 6, 2008


I did the cat 3/4 race of the NYC Spring Series. Tboughts decided to truck out to Floyd Bennett Field bright and early with me, I'm not sure why, I guess she's a little masochistic. The course was this big, flat, 2.3 mile loop at an old airfield. The wind was whipping off the ocean which created a little more strategy. My plan was to stay out of trouble and test my fitness, like I said yesterday.

I followed my same old strategy: fight for a clean wheel until the race sorts out, sit at the back until race is starting to wind down and move to the front in order to make a winning move. (As a side note, back in MN the wheat would separate from the chafe when hammering into a strong crosswind or something, here its when someone eats it in front of you at 25 mph and you need to drill it back to the leaders. Scary.) I felt really good the whole race, I could follow the moves and jump off the front whenever I wanted. I didn't always make the smart move, but that comes with the beginning of any season.  It makes me excited for more racing in May.

In the end, a break got away with 4ish laps to go and it stuck.  My new teammate Owen got in it and managed to get second.  On the last lap I spent a little to much time in the wind and sprinted for 15th or something.  The result wasn't as good as I felt, but it was a great day nonetheless.  Despite the good time, I'm not sure if its worth $10 gas, $30 race fees and a 4 am wake up call this early in the year, so I'll prolly lay off any more races for the next month.  

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