Apr 10, 2008


Lately there have been a few new shows about the lives of high end science geeks(Chuck, The Big Bang Theory, Numb3rs, etc). As someone involved in the scientific community who is a little 'nerdy', I have a particular interest in these shows. As it turns out they all follow the same premise: A main character (or characters) finds themself in a unique situation due to being a highly intelligent person, but the drama is the same that every 'normal' person experiences every day.

Not that I'm really surprised, but I'm still a little disappointed in these shows. I would hope that someone would want to write a show about smart people that wasn't targeting the lowest common denominator. People in academia lead pretty interesting lives and I think you could make a pretty interesting show out of it. Maybe you'd alienate quite a few people, but I would guess there are quite a few people who have the backround in first year calculus, physics, chemistry and biology who would really enjoy a smart, scientific show. Seems like a job for David Cohen and HBO (or maybe theres already a show like this I haven't discovered?).

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