May 11, 2008

Early Birds

Tboughts went into New Jersey today to see her mom, so I went on the Early Birds.

It was a beautiful sunny day, mostly in the 60's and 70's. Spring series races are over, so a bunch of fast guys showed up and threw down. We were flying for most of the ride and I managed to average over 20mph with 40(!) of them solo. At one point as we cruised down the rolling hills of highway 51, I realized I had run out of gears and couldn't go any faster. We were pace lining at 35 mph!

It went pretty well. My legs felt good and I'm writing off last weekend to bad luck.

(Thanks for the pic, Percy)

I had ridden 50 miles by 9:15.
(Trevor wonders why the heck that kid is pointing his cell phone at a clock)

Next up is Tour de Parc for me and Tymor Park Challenge for Tboughts.

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