May 4, 2008

Empire State Games Qualifier

... didn't go so well.

I was really psyched to race again. The ESG's are sorta the amateur state championships. You need to qualify and make your regional regional team in order to race in the final omnium in July. The qualifiers are a 50k points race (today) and a 10 mile TT in June. Four racers are taken from the points race and 6 are taken from the TT.

I'm not interested in the finals, but the points race was free, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Things didn't go great. I think I had a little too much breakfast in my stomach and was still a little full when I went to the starting line. I was able to keep up with the leaders and make what turned out to be the final break. After a few sprints, though, I was pretty queasy and having trouble holding on. I dropped back to the first chase group, but that didn't help so I dropped out all together. I was pretty happy with things otherwise, I mean, I could have used more power, but thats always true. I guess I got what I paid for.

Next race is Tour de Parc, so I'll work to make that one go better.

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