Jul 25, 2008


....from blogging.

Hmmmm, its been a long time since NYCMTB. The week after that I didn't do any bike riding, since I'd raced like a zillion times that month and I just didn't want to look at a bicycle anymore. The next week I got back on my bike and did some hard intervals, but then the week after that I decided hard intervals just aren't that fun so I rode easier.

Somewhere in there I did a Friday points race, which was kinda fun even though I didn't do especially well. I did have a pretty sweet counter. Skip (I think) was drilling it, trying to make a split before the first sprint. I was sitting somewhere around fourth wheel when he realized he wasn't losing anyone and sat up. Everyone moved out of the way in front of me so I took the opening and almost instantaneously had a big gap. It was one of those little aspects of bike racing that isn't a big deal but is a lot of fun.

Tonight is another Kreb race. I think I'm gonna spend my time following wheels and saving matches.

I think I fixed the comments section so you can anonymously heckle me.


Anonymous said...

you are too tall!
*consider this your anonymous heckle*

Anonymous said...

Freakin right anonymous posts! Dude no 5-0 for me this year...the bro and his wife are coming out for a week of long rides. If your out and on form you can join. -Eppen